Kuwait Commercial Automotive Facilities

The team of LRS Architects, Inc. and Dourwaza Engineering of Kuwait combined efforts for the design competition of the Commercial Sector Automotive Facilities project for Kuwait Finance House. LRS designed the 235,000 SF headquarters and automotive facility to include the most advanced automotive equipment available in an environment that is state of the art for both customers and staff.

The conceptual design of the hub, developed as a 360° transparent building with a sleek thin profiled roof and deep overhangs, provides protection from the high temperatures of the Middle East. Within the hub the axial orientation towards the front of the building directs people to the core where vertical circulation connects all the levels. Included in the program is 90,000 SF of office space. The roof area was designed to provide over 300 spaces for car storage and VIP parking.

Metal panels are added to the outer walls to give sculptural strength and interest to the building. The architecture is contemporary with strong lines and curved wall planes. The building has an International presence that is well grounded by the mass of the maintenance facility portion to the north.